Our Impact

We currently have 100+ Young Kenyans in Tech in our Database, some from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Eskimi, Uber, Oracle, SAP, Safaricom, Ericksson, World Bank, PWC, KPMG Cloud9XP, Tinga Online, Uza Point, Belva Digital

Our starting goal has been to build a relatively small group of Young Kenyans in Technology based on referrals from our networks. Focus in Quality as opposed to Quantity.

However with time, we would like Young Kenyans in Tech to have impact on thousands of our People. Afterall, we are in Tech, we can scale our efforts through technology.


Membership Growth



How to be Successful in the Kenyan Tech Sales Scene!



We are interested in collaborating with Local and International Companies to organise events and programs that would add value to our members and partner. If interested, please email us on